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Frequently Asked Questions: How to use ValAsta!

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Many of your questions can be answered in the following information. HOW TO TAKE • Take ValAsta in 2 divided servings with meals and before 3pm (ValAsta supplies cellular energy and may interrupt sleep if taken late in the day or at night). Only need to divide it up for the first 1-2 weeks – then you can take it ALL at 1 meal if this is more convenient. • Each capsule will hold 3-4 pumps – A video on how to fill the capsules is available at: If you choose not to fill up the capsules – you can simply pump it directly on a spoonful of food – if you are pumping from the bottle daily you can leave the cap off to avoid any dripping. • We do not recommend pumping ValAsta on hot foods as this may cause a loss of potency of the product. WE RECOMMEND • Each pump of the liquid is 13.5 mg. Take half of your body weight and divide by 13.5. That will be the number of pumps to take for prevention/maintenance clients – if you have a disease process – we would add 50% more pumps. • With cancer we recommend increasing the daily serving by 50% more pumps until remission is achieved. For example: 200 lbs. person would take 150 mg a day until remission and then reduce to 100mg. Divide the mg by 13.5 (for the oil) = number of pumps per day.. • With arthritis we recommend adjusting serving amounts based on pain level. If pain is gone, try reducing the amount by one serving(1-2 pumps) and if the pain returns, increase the amount by one serving (1-2 pumps).

• We recommend your medical doctors be informed of all supplements taken. • If you have Diabetes or High Blood Pressure – keep a log of your numbers for your doctor for medication adjustments (usually within 2-8 weeks of starting on ValAsta). If you take a blood thinner or cholesterol medication – keep your lab appointments as advised by your doctor– medication adjustments may be necessary over a period of 3-4 mos. after starting ValAsta. IT'S NORMAL- DON'T PANIC • A pink/red color stool is normal because astaxanthin is naturally red • You may have loose/soft stools while your body is adjusting. PRODUCT • Liquid ValAsta is available in two sizes: • 50ml bottle contains approximately 240 pumps. 80 empty (tapioca) gel capsules are provided. • 100Ml bottle contains approximately 480 pumps. 160 empty (tapioca) gel capsules are provided. • Each empty capsule will hold 3-4 pumps. To save time fill all capsules at one time. • ValAsta can also be used by putting it on a piece of bread, a spoonful of peanut butter, apple sauce or something absorbable. • Oil pump bottle: If you are pumping from the bottle daily – keep at room temp (it will pump better) and leave cap off to avoid dripping. • Both forms of ValAsta (chocolate and oil) have the same potency and effectiveness. Warm Regards, Michelle Nay, RN ValAsta Nurse Educator 803-470-1913 ext.1 For further information you can email to Michelle Nay, RN at

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Valasta Store is an online store dedicated to helping everyone suffering from inflammatory conditions and health conditions arising out of oxidative stress. We are not a licensed medical office and do not treat, diagnose, or claim to cure any disease or health condition. Opinions given are those of the presenter and NOT intended as a diagnosis.

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