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Why ValAsta LLC was started

Founded in 2018, the ValAsta llc, USA team has been dedicated to researching the benefits of astaxanthin, a powerful molecule found in nature. Despite its numerous health benefits, this amazing molecule has not been widely promoted in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Their goal was to change that.

In 2003, Samuel Shepherd was diagnosed with a rare type of bone marrow cancer which could not be treated with conventional treatments. It was through this journey that Samuel Shepherd developed what has now become ValAsta. Sam used his years of education and experience as a researcher and inventor to find a solution for his condition. After years of innovative experimentation, he developed and patented ValAsta, a glycosidic astaxanthin, which is the only astaxanthin supplement patented to treat inflammatory conditions. Through the act of sharing his successful recovery with family and friends, the word very quickly spread and ValAsta was formed.

Valasta Liquid Astaxanthin 100 ML

About ValAsta:

ValAsta is a mixture of Glucosidic Astaxanthin and Olive Oil using a proprietary method to create a Liposomal delivery. This Patented process of encapsulating the astaxanthin molecule inside a fat molecule took ValAsta 8 years to develop. We use high frequency energy to do this, which makes the astaxanthin molecule far more absorbable inside the body.

One would think that all astaxanthin products are created equal.  When we go shopping for supplements, we expect that they are all held under the same scrutiny that the food we eat and water we drink is held under. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Knowing the country of origin for your astaxanthin is extremely important. Some countries do not regulate or have nearly the scrutiny that the United States has in regard to natural astaxanthin supplements. Since astaxanthin is usually found in nature it is affected by its environment. When the air and water that the astaxanthin is grown in is contaminated by external factors and environmental pollutants it degrades the astaxanthin quality. Some astaxanthin manufactures claim they are “made in the USA” whereas in fact they import their raw astaxanthin material from overseas. Since there is limited regulation in the quality control from overseas raw astaxanthin, pollutants remain. There is no way to remove the pollutants completely in the end product for the consumer. 

Valast Salve

What is ValAsta?

Astaxanthin (pronounced Asta – zan – thin) is generated by a microalgae; Haematococcus pluvialis (H. pluvialis) and is consumed by many aquatic animals. It is what makes many of them pink such as salmon and lobsters.

When this algae becomes stressed, astaxanthin is produced in an effort to protect itself. Astaxanthin has powerful protective qualities making it one of the most powerful free radical fighters known. The reduction of free radical concentration in the body reduces inflammatory disease onset and stops the further progression of inflammatory diseases.

Benefits of ValAsta:
• #1 ALL-NATURAL Superfood
• The world's strongest natural antioxidant
• The world's strongest natural anti-inflammatory
• Clinically shown to protect the body from harmful Free Radicals
• Reduces Free Radicals, the major cause of chronic ailments and diseases
• Used as an anti-aging supplement, by protecting the skin from Ultraviolet rays
• Used as a health and fitness supplement to reduce muscle recovery time

ValAsta’s astaxanthin is grown and produced in the USA in closed vessels. The extraction of the astaxanthin is done under strict guidelines using critical CO2 extraction techniques. Some supplement manufacturers will add fillers or have ingredients not necessary for absorption, others provide only dry powder which is destroyed by the stomach acid. ValAsta is highly concentrated one capsule can hold up to 40mg. We do not encapsulate the ValAsta product as the heat used during this process may degrade the astaxanthin.  Many clients opt to fill the empty capsules when their order arrives. Others just add the liquid oil astaxanthin to a spoonful of peanut butter, yogurt, or applesauce. Finally, many of the brands on the market do not make it past the stomach acid to be adsorbed in the small bowel not giving the desired results. Many ValAsta clients report increased energy, reduction in arthritic pain, better REM sleep, regular bowel movement, and general wellbeing within a few days.

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