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Lyme Disease: A testimonial from Emili

ValAsta (astaxanthin) won’t kill bacteria, viruses or fungi. However, it will reduce the inflammation caused by the bacteria in Lyme disease. This helps to calm the immune system for better functioning to suppress the microbes.  The reason most people feel symptoms is due to the inflammation.

  1. Suppress microbes: All plants contain phytochemicals with antimicrobial properties, but some plants are more strongly antimicrobial than others. It all depends on the types of microbes the plant is exposed to in its natural environment. Herbs with strong antimicrobial phytochemicals directly suppress a wide range of bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and fungi. This allows the immune system to regain its footing and get the microbes under control.

  2. Reduce inflammation: By protecting our cells from harmful stress factors such as free radicals and toxic substances, cell turnover is reduced, along with the destructive inflammation that comes with it. This lessens the immune system’s workload so it can better do its job.

  3. Improve cellular communications: Phytochemicals help normalize disrupted hormones and other chemical messengers in the body. Because all cells must be in constant communication for the body to function as a unit, wellness is only possible when cellular functions are coordinated. This includes toning down inflammatory cytokines that push the immune system into overdrive.

Valasta Store is an online store dedicated to helping everyone suffering from inflammatory conditions and health conditions arising out of oxidative stress. We are not a licensed medical office and do not treat, diagnose, or claim to cure any disease or health condition. Opinions given are those of the presenter and NOT intended as a diagnosis.

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