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ValAsta for Osteoporosis II

Adult skeletal diseases, such as osteoporosis, periodontal disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple myeloma, and metastatic cancers, are due to excess osteoclastic activity.

What are osteoclasts? Cells that break down bone and releases calcium from the bones into the blood stream. Estrogen deficiency in post-menopausal woman can lead to an increase in osteoclast activity.

Traditional medical solutions are to treat with estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) which has shown to increase cancer risk and blood clot formation.

The research attached (using animal models) concluded Carotenoids, like the astaxanthin in ValAsta decreased osteoclasts and increase osteoblasts (bone building cells) – this led to further research that concluded Astaxanthin:

  • decreased blood levels of calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatase, and total cholesterol.

  • helps build bone.

  • inhibits spongy (cavities) in bone.

  • inhibits and increase in body weight and uterus atrophy in post ovariectomy mice.

  • increased bone mass and bone strength.

ValAsta is the only patented brand of Glucosidic Astaxanthin available.

ValAsta is your ultimate weapon to fight bone loss and help prevent debilitating fractures as you age.

Join the thousands of clients using ValAsta's Patented astaxanthin to fight inflammation!!!

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Valasta Store is an online store dedicated to helping everyone suffering from inflammatory conditions and health conditions arising out of oxidative stress. We are not a licensed medical office and do not treat, diagnose, or claim to cure any disease or health condition. Opinions given are those of the presenter and NOT intended as a diagnosis.

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